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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  December 13, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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i want to thank all of the families and these brave first responders. thank you for being with us. i hope you have a great night. >> live and at large. i am geraldo rivera. up front tonight the president gave his first extensive interview since the noble peace prize and the announcement of the surge of our forces into afghanistan. still even with those monumental issues on the table and healthcare also hanging in the balance the question and answer attracting the most attention from that 60 minutes interview at least in the short term concerns something a lot closer to home. the president's home. >> by now you must know -- >> it's really a shame i had to go through the whole 60 minute interview without talking about the gate crashers. >> good catch. >> you must know. you must know what happened. can you share that with us?
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>> i think what i know is what everybody knows. these people should not have gotten through the gate? >> were you unhappy with your social security ry? >> i was unhappy with everybody who was involved in the process. it was a screw up. i don't think were a policy perspective this was the most important thing or even the 5th or 6th most important thing that happened this week. >> were you angry when you heard about it? >> yes. that's why it won't happen again. >> the house homeland security commit too sustained the stars of the screw ups tariq and michelle sal hi. he informed the committee his clients were invoke the 5th amendment right against incrimination. he expects to know by the return date on the subpoena whether the fun couple will face criminal charges. since what is ultimately
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relevant about this otherwise just embarrassing incident is the president's certainly safety and security we should pay attention to what happened in italy. no joke the prime minister has been rushed to the hospital after being bashed with a heavy plastered statuette. he is coverd in blood requires stijs his nose broken along with two teeth. the 73-year-old businessman turned politician is kept in the hospital overnight for observation. according to his personal doctor he will need 15 days to recover. the man who assaulted him is under arrest and is said to have mental problems. following the attack the spokesman said the premiere had recently confided his fears, fears concerning quote a climate of hate and adregs that had surrounded him for the last year. woit straining too hard to find
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relevance will draw comparison. river and al sharpton is what happened today to prime minister berlusconi why we care so much about the white house crasher story? >> i think some of thaws that's a concern. i think some have tried to use it to try from some jaded way to embarrass some of the white house personnel. i think many americans are considered about the president. some people unauthorized could get that close to him that's a great security concern. i think what happened with the president of italy tad today is of the factors that will have people saying that should not take it lightly. any one in the white house will. >> i don't think so either. i think the social security ry will be taking a step to keep that job.
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you think he is in more peril than president's in the past? >> i think this president according to the public records has received more threats than any other president certainly from when he was a candidate. having said that i think that he has operated in away to not try to ask for any extra sympathy or in any way try and curtail his activity. he is traveled more than any other president internationally than we have seen in the past year. i think against tremendous increase in threats he has operated in a way to keep the public calm. that does not mean the security around him should not be very, very serious and should not have things like the gate crashers happen. i think that blaming the social security ry is a distraction it's a security concern. this is not a socialisting concern and i think that those who distracted from social security ry are missing from the real security concerns at root
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here. reverend al i appreciate it. note for the record there are 3 secret service agentings on administrative leave. also to note the president the first lady were out tonight celebrating the traditional christmas gala in the nation's capital. but focus back on again what happened to silvio burg sco bur knee. this is truly a bad day fori ita italy. that was one of the many politicians who denounced the violent incident that happened to the italian prime minister. my next guest may arguity tal lie suffered a bad blow when his daughter amanda knox was convicted of murdering her roommate. her case has demanded attention from high ranking americans. >> with respect to the case involving amanda knox, our
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colonel lower affairs certa per have been in regular contact with her and her family. we will continue that support which is a kind of work that we do on be behalf of american citizens abroad. i understand there will be appeals taken and we will follow that and of course i stand ready to meet with any one who wishes discuss this case further. >> to have a fair trial by an impartial tribunal. there was so much false information that was leaked and unsubstantiated. jury was not sequestered and there was so much media attention that i didn't think she could get a fair trial in per russia and given t -- perus.
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>> let's go to amanda's dad. he joins me live. thanks. i know it's a difficult time for you. i appreciate it. i know watching the program that i consistently believe your daughter was railroaded by president dish shall public image created, the slut ficcation of your daughter, there was almost a glee it seemed to me in the presentation of the prosecution's case. i wonder how you were faring, kurt? how is the family? >> we are getting through things right now. it's a very difficult situation. we were devastated with the verdict. we are looking forward to an appeal. >> did they ever give you a motive to why she killed her
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roommate? >> that's one of the interesting things. they have actually had four different theories on what happened. the first was a satanic right, the second was a sexual crime, the third was just a hatred of amanda for meredith and then during closing arguments they said oh by the way we don't even need a motive because we can't prove any of the other ones above. how they came up with this whole fantasy is beyond me. >> let me read some of your daut he er's quotes. i am scared because i don't know what's going on. i am waiting and always hoping. i have to accept things, things to me that doesn don't seem fai. the guards helped me out they held me all night. i believe in my family. the family is the most important thing for me. it's an awful long way between seattle and rome, will you keep in contact with her during the appellate process? >> we have had a family member
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in peru we have been shuttling back and forth. now her mother is there and i will go back it january and we will keep that process going. let me clarify one thing with the trial, there were two people who falsified who they were they were we were they were with two parliamentarians. they are allowed to go into the prison. these two reporters were falsified as their assistants. amanda did not knowingly give an interview. >> another unfair thing to happen to her. put the cartoon up. this as a lawyer i found egregious. do you have the cartoon? they have no clear -- it shows the victim almost being decapitated shows your daughter
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cutting her throat as the two mail accomplices hold her. show these. they put amanda slitting her throat. what if it was rafael, what if it was the other guy and amanda is back here holding him. what if it's the african fella who slits the throat. what if it's none of them? they created a scenario and they went with it and that result result is very president dish shall to your daughter. >> the other thing i would like to point out. using the scenario the prosecution caming came up wit is not one spec of evidence in the room where meredith lost her life. there is not one hair follicle not drop of sweat know not one drip of blood. there is no dna of her in that room whatsoever. how they can come up with this theory that she was there slitting mer dilt's throat is
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fantasy. >> when will you have your day in court, afell lat court? >> we are anticipating somewhere between september and november of 2010. >> kurt, if you can i want you to stand by. obviously my view on this case is not shared universally by everyone here at fox. two of my colleagues will join me. ann and kimberly fiery attorneys will be be here. plus on a busy news night we will have the latest on tiger's tref veils. we will have eric cantor on climate change. the son of the last shaw of iran will join us on the widespread unrest in that rouge country and speaking of rouges, the inside scoop on the five young americans caught allegedly trying to join al qaeda in pakistan. all that after this. i drove my first car from my parent's home
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in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970. exxonmobil is working to improve cars, liners of tires, plastics which are lighter and advanced hydrogen technologies that could increase fuel efficiency by up to 80%.
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>> as you watch the infamous video of amanda knox buying underwear of their roommate allowed prosecutors to portray her as a murdering hussy, we are continuing with amanda's father kurt knox out of seattle and constitution law attorney ann coulter. ann, take yoou best shot why do you think my assessment as tragically flawed is incorrect? >> uni think it's difficult to explain why amanda blamed her boss and said she was in the
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apartment after shay i saying she was not in the apartment. i heard him rape and murder her and i put my fingers over my -- >> let's lelt kurt understand. the inconsistencies in your daughter's account did that hurt her? >> first of all during the basically 90 hour time frame in which the night mer dilt lost her life to where they found her it, it went through an interrogation. she was interrogated for 41 hours. the last 14 were an aggressive interrogation in which human rights were violated she was not provided an attorney or professional interpreter. she was essentially prompted because patrick was her old boss and there was an sms saying she didn't have to work. the whole thing about her making
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this statement was with human rights violations. those statements she made were thrown out by the italian supreme court. that is one of the differences between the united states and italy is they were able to still have that information because it was so publicized. >> right. >> actually the first two times she said it was thrown out the third time it was admitted into evidence. i think the problem with that this idea that the police were mean to her and she was interrogated for 14 hours is patrick numumba was he was arrested held and ir tear gated for 14 days whatever the statements were they beat it out of me they wrote this confession a completely innocent man was held and that raises a lot of concerns. >> kurt? >> let me answer that. first of all when the police went and arrested him they failed to do any physical or alibi collection information associated, so there was actually a mistake related to
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the police and assuming he could run to his house and arrest him. then it was determined there was no physical evidence of him at the house and he had ironclad alibi. so if it was a mistake right out of the gate -- >> that was the one your daughter accuse the. >> his point is it's the cops mistake they never checked. kimberly? >> there's also other evidence that's problematic for your daughter. what about the fact that the police say they believe the burglary was staged they believe your daughter staged it that the glass was on top of the clothes the apartment was ransacked the window broken after the fact. >> let him answer? >> if you take a look at the crime scene video and the evidence that was presented in the court of law, there was no glass on top of any garment that were sitting on the floor. so there actually was a -- there appeared to be two crystals of
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glass on a garment on the bed that's what the police are saying. when you look at the picture very close with high definition it is actually a pattern on the dress verses glass. there was no glass on ton of -- on top of thing. the simulation is it's nonsense. >> i am going to leave it at that. there are questions you can argue some of the evidence i really believe when all is said and done is amanda knox was railroaded i think the appellate court will realize it. kurt knox, thank you so much. >> back to tiger after the short break.
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i work for a global leader that's guided by clear principles. that sees me for me. that offers a great start right out of college. i work for a global leader that prizes the skills of those who have served. that values proven skill and know-how. i work for lockheed martin. multiple voices lockheed martin. when you join one of the world's leading technology employers, you will discover everything is possible. >> his father wasn't doing very
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well. he left for a couple hours to go see him. came home later on that night, we make love, went to bed and around 2, 3:00 in the morning there was a phone call that his father had passed away. so i was pretty devastated. >> one claiming that the golf great spent his dad's last day of earth with her. more on how tiger's magical life was so unraveled here is craig. >> geraldo an interesting radio action to the tiger woods scandal is more and more private investigators are getting calls that their spouses are cheating on them. allen directionler is an
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investigator. tell me some of the calls you are receiving. what are they saying? >> craig, more and more we are getting calls and our computer forensic and cell phone forensic service. >> hey, it's tiger. do me a huge favor. >> despite tiger's denials he and his wife fought ore his cheating steamy text messages opened up a pandora's box. >> how did you make arrangements for these girls to have sex. >> in orange county, las vegas, miami, orlando, new york. this is not a one-shot deal? >> tiger has left a long electronic trail as he sought women outside his marriage. >> why couldn't the cheater actually take their text messages off their phone and delete them? >> just deleting it from the phone isn't going to get it totally gone. >> array of high-tech equipment
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is impressive. >> this device is a forensic image master. what it does, it sucks every piece of information out of that hard drive. >> the high-tech stuff pails in comparison to a women's intuition. >> what makes you so skon vinced your husband is having an affair? >> a lot of the texts that were on the at the ti telephone were suspicious. i didn't want to believe anything. i choose to ignore it. then tiger woods brought everything to light and i decided to pay a little bit more attention it. now i opened up the flood gates and i can't turn back now. >> michelle believes her husband is having an affair with a company worker. tiger's apparent appetite was for multiple women in multiple cities. >> they are all professionals. it's a big difference to have an
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affair when you are a married man and to fall in love than it is to pay for sex. these professional relationships and it was sex. >> that is no consolation to a women scorned. >> you are going to lay it out on the table. how are you going to do that? >> i will have lists of his texts and copies of the phone calls and i am going to confront him and see what he has to say about it. >> you are not going to go out there with a golf club, are you? >> no, that's not my style. >> what about this rumor or report i am hearing there are sex tapes of tiger? >> i have been looking for them. there is no evidence right now otherwise it would have gone viral. the impetus is tiger his lawyers they hired attorneys who won an injunction banning the u.k. publication of nude photos or sex tapes which would lead you to assume these tapes exist. >> he is trying to stop them from being published trying to
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stop something. more on this when we come back. one of the real housewives of atlanta after this.
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>> i am lauren sieve vandal. the search for two missing climbers has been suspended for the night. new snow and threat of an avalanche have made conditions too dangerous. rescuers hope to regroup in the morning. search began friday initially there were three lost climbers one were found dead. the missing pair a man and a woman are described as experienced climbers. an attack on a prime minister leaves him hospitalized after he fractured his nose and two teeth. burr less sco burl scone an -- y were remain in the hospital overnight for observation. the allege he had as sal lant is
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in custody. i am lauren sivan. geraldo at large right here. >> like tiger woods we broken our marriage vows. in addition we have also violated the public's trust. it's a pretty big deal. yet it seems the media couldn't careless. >> my wife just filed for divorce. try finding that in the papers. >> i paid hush money to my ex-girlfriend's husband. >> i had a love child. an illegitimate out of wedlock not married baby bastard love child. don't you people care? god almighty. >> when it comes to add dull tree the last two weeks it's all tiger all of the time. in a few minutes one of the real house lives of atlanta tu will be joining us on the unwritten rules of how they deal with player husbands. the struggle to get us on the same page about global warming.
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the day after a huge demonstration led to the largest arrest in the history of denmark. there was no trouble in copenhagen from pressures of environmental officials compromised agreement on climate change. later this week president obama and other world leaders will descend on the danish capital for a summit for which high hopes for a treaty once existed. not any more. given the harsh reality of the global recession resistance in the u.s. senate and firestorm of doubt and denial recently stokeed by climate gate. the devastating scandal in which evidence was uncovered that leading pro change experts were juicing their books. now any meaningful action is in doubt. notch the delight of sarah palin and the chagrin of al gore. >> i am not one to attribute every man activity of man to the
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changes in the climate. there is something to be said also for a man's activities but also for the cyclical temperature changes on our planet. >> global warming deniers persist in this air of unreality. after all, the entire north pole l larite cap which has been there 3 million years is disappearing before our eyes. 40 percent already gonl. the rest is expected to go completely within the next decade. what do they think is causing this? >> despite mr. gore's sincerity the incoon yeen yent truth the senate will ratify a treat toe any time soon. joining me from the nation's capital minority whip eric cantor of virginia. i told my mom i was inint suing you lilly freedman rivera. he said to ask you what is a nice jewish boy doing in the
10:34 pm
party like the republicans? >> geraldo, it's a question i am asked often. i will tell you there's a place for the american jewish community in our party. obviously i have been a common sense conservative my whole life and i would say for the many issues that effect americans, i believe now republicans and arab solutions are beginning to resinate because of the real challenges before you wills. >> has your hand on the issue of global warming been strengthened by the so-called climate gate debate? will that effect the president's presentation in copenhagen next week? >> i think there's one thing all of us can agree on there's been a constant throughout human existence it's been climate change. the real question is the severity of that. how we approach that should always be be rooted in sound
10:35 pm
science. the president's presentation in copenhagen, the speaker pelosi's add mere ran adherence to an ideology behind cap and trade is just not something the american people are comfortable with. >> will cap and trade be defeated as a result of it? >> i think that cap and trade bill will go down in flames because it is not something that the american people feel adequately addresses their concerns right now which have to do with their getting back to work. >> you mentioned republicans and democrats together. your colleague on the other side of the i'll the majority leader harry reid after a meeting you all had with president obama last week complained as follows. >> he said we are going to address the short term economy which we have to do. we have to create a situation in america to where people are confident and i would say the one of the things he told my
10:36 pm
republican friends here, stop trying to frighten the american people. things are a lot better. >> as the minority whip are republicans trying to frighten the american people? >> i think harry reid's comment is silly. again, i took exception when the president suggested that somehow republicans want to root against this economy and squa scare peo. all of us want america to get back to work. it's the policies being promoted by this administration and majority in congress that are scaring people. there is too much uncertainty out there right now. think about it. you have the healthcare bill. ladened with tax hikes and mandates and increases on requirements on businesses, all while we are trying to look to businesses to create jobs, think about it. cap and trade. we knows that is the government telling you what kind of car to drive, what fuel to use, when you can turn on your lights and
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hey they are going to tax you to do all of it. how do those policies make sense given what peas theme are talking about around their kitchen tables. there is a huge disconnect. the answer seems to always be coming from the white house we have to have government do more. we have to spend more money that we don't have and the american people i think are fed up with this. >> final question, earlier in the program we highlighted against al dorr forces. has she with this book "going rouge" and this media fritz kind of commandeered the philosophical ideological part of your party is she now the candidate to beat in 2012? >> there are a lot of voices in our party. we want to continue to be a party of inclusion and encourage people to speak out. sarah palin is an extremely
10:38 pm
inspirational individual. she has a huge following in this country. i think there's a re reason for that. she represents an individual that dem crates in america not only can you have neveri everytu can do everything. >> hallie barber is she qualified to be president>> he is one of the smartest people i know and is a real leader. >> you accident answer my question. like i said sara pal tin cleeks screams me. sherry whitfield isn't the same. she separated from former envelope lineman, the poum has three koirn. she is we're.
10:39 pm
how are you faring? >> you know what? i am in a happy place right now. i am feeling really good. >> is your husband involved with your children? is he backing you? does he have the wherewithal. a lot of people spend a lot of money on a house and that is now. >> that's -- >> i have a question. you seemed to have handled your situation really well. from discussions there and what i have read what advice do you have for tiger's wife? she has to make for spart toyses for our future to tiger's wife to really do some soul searching. it's a very prove vass manner. figure out iffing it something they want to pursue, continue. they do have small kids which
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it's always about the kids. it's always about the kids and their happiness. >> were you married when he had money or before he had money? >> when i married bob he -- i am sorry? >> no. that's my question. >> when i married bob he was in one or two years. you knew -- >> no, i am sorry. when we met he had been in the league 1-2 years. he had been playing -- by the time we got married we had two kids he had been playing for a while. >> how did you feet or did you have a long time relationship. how did it happen, it didn't go anywhere from there he approached the girl and asked her to p net in contact with me. we had a long relationship, we
10:41 pm
had two kids before we got married. we have a 13-year-old and 10 yoerld a yoerld-year-old and i have one prior. >> you guys are surrounded by willing women. isn't it kind of a general -- tiger admittedly is an exaggerate glutton it seems. it also seems a common phenomenon. >> women stopped caring they stopped respecting themselves respecting other women and they will do whatever it takes to be a part of the lifestyle. if it means being the jump off. you are willing to do all of this. i gets a girl doesn't care. she has no respect for herself.
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>> what advice tough nor divorcdiff -- divorced women. >> is it good, though? >> kimberly asks from the heart. >> for dating? >> divorced women with young children. >> to go into dating? >> yes, to get back out there. >> take your time. a oo collect on the pre-nupre-n. get all you can wi about the gu who you put it on. thank you sheri. the housewives of atlanta how well a threat how much have they dem traited to the iranian regime.
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exclusive on
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>> welcome back live everybody. more than 70 dead the protests that have racked iran sints last juned elections with hundreds of students taking to the streets. what do the protestors want? do they represent a real threat to this otius regime?
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>> iranians risks their lives singing protests against mahmoud ahmadinejad. some young iranians chanting death to the dictator on student day in tehran this week. it has been 7 months since iran's disputed presidential election. harsh government crack downs have not stopped some from wanting their voices heard. the protest movement lives on. >> the protest has gone from beyond con sesi testing the results. i think the ultimate is to bring the leadership down. >> president of the consid curr iranian regime. he sees declaration.
10:48 pm
>> they are trying to intimidate people to by becoming more vicious real violence exerted on people from torturing to raping people in jail so the traces of such violations are not visible but it has not quieted people down. >> they agreed to halt the nuclear program and purchase enriched uranium from sources outside of the country. that agreement soon fell apart. a point the u.s. defense secretary addressed friday while visiting iraq. >> iran is stiffing the international community on some of the proposals they actually agreed to the beginning of october. i think has brought the international community including the russians and chinese together. >> iran will only reform when pressure is applied from both inside and outside at the same time. he says the united states should
10:49 pm
not miss this opportunity. >> there needs to be far more verbal support in the context of the human rights violations happening in iran today. i believe after 30 years of having unique dialogue with the regime it is about time that a line of dialogue is opened to the opposition in israel. >> he joins me live. he looks just like his dad. it is incredible. more important question is, do you think assessing and absorbing the news, is this like the climate change demonstrators or berkeley kids out in california or have they been a real threat to the regime? >> these are not berkeley kids. these protestors are risking their lives risking the lives of their families so it's very serious. especially when you consider it
10:50 pm
is true they were burning pictures of ayatollah co ma co any. >> we will be right back. i drove my first car from my parent's home in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970. exxonmobil is working to improve cars, liners of tires, plastics which are lighter and advanced hydrogen technologies
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that could increase fuel efficiency by up to 80%.
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>> i want to give you a heads up ann coultcoulter's liberals gui now available in paper back. one of the most comforting developments over the past 8 years is how few american muslims have been seduced by the ugly call for jihad holy war against the united states. obviously our comfort level has suffered grievously since the mass murder at fort hood. five american born kids have been arrested in ba pakistan trg to join al qaeda.
10:54 pm
the executive director of care the council on american islamic relations. he personally knows the families involved in the pakistan 5. thank you for being with me. i like to think i have more muslim friends than anybody in mainstream television. i consider myself an honorarial banian and kosovar. the families i know are pro-american, patriotic. is something happening that after 8 years of this war that this propaganda is finally seeping into american youth with the int knelt and everything al else going on, is that what is happening? is that what happened in the case of the pakistan five? >> the matter is completely under investigation. we are just in the circulating.
10:55 pm
from the signs we learned in this incident it seems to be that it is web based improvements. young people are on the internet browsing, going on youtube and seeing something sometimes like hollywood and it attracts them and maybe other times they get to do it without the knowledge of their parents or their teachers or their mentors in the community. >> is this a real threat? it sounds like this is something we have to be more concerned about. is that not right? >> it is i believe a limited problem grievous enough to warrant our attention and care to take action. i think this is what has happened in the past two weeks. when the parents tell their sons have disappeared under
10:56 pm
mysterious circumstances they do not just keep it inside. they spoke to the mosque leader. the mosque leader spoke in the national organization in north america which (inaudible) they contacted us. they trust us. they called the families they were advised immediately after the video left behind they should contact the fbi. we put them in touch with the fbi the same day in the presence of lawyers gave them the information needed and the fbi got on the case immediately and talked with the counter parts from around the world. i believe that led to the interception of the plan of these sons. if this is a success story we recognize there is a problem but it is not widespread, geraldo. we have overwhelming majority of american muslims and young american muslims are mainstream. they lead wonderful steady
10:57 pm
lives, productive lives. >> from your lips to god's ears. thank you for being with me.
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